Healing & Wellness

At PureYoga, we offer a variety of healing and wellness workshops and private healing sessions. To learn about Suzy’s intuitive healing, click the link below.

Intuitive Healing with Suzy

“I first met Suzy when she guest-taught at a wellness event I was attending. I initially came to her for her aptitude with energy work. I expected to have my chakras aligned, any blockages cleared, things you would expect from an energy healer. She can certainly do all those things, very well. However, I think Suzy’s most remarkable gift is her ability to read the patient, with astonishing insight and accuracy. Suzy’s readings have a way of cutting right to the heart of the matter, and are expressed in a way that is compassionate yet honest. I come away from healing sessions with Suzy feeling calm and relaxed, but also flush with the satisfaction of new insight. Suzy not only has the technical skills, but also has a wonderfully nurturing presence—and apparently… access to something mystical.” -Tim

“My first experience in a healing session with Suzy was when my husband was in hospice. She came to visit us and provided a healing session for his spirit to have a smooth transition to heaven. It was a beautiful experience for all of us involved. There were a handful of family and close friends that were with us at the time. The entire room seemed to be bathed in love, warmth, comfort, and peace. I feel that not only did she help my husband’s spirit, but all of ours as well.

I have since been to a few more healing sessions. Each time I find out more about my true self and my journey in life. Suzy has a wonderful intuitiveness and enlightenment to energy and a higher source. I have experienced deeper levels of feeling and an amazing sense of peace after each session. I also regularly attend Suzy’s meditation class. Each time she guides be into a deeper sense of being and allows me the opportunity to explore different avenues of meditation. I am very grateful to have experienced both Suzy’s healing sessions and meditation classes. She is a beautiful person with wonderful gifts that she generously shares with me and many other fortunate people as well.”
-Shelly Carter