Pure Strength Pricing

Pricing for Services:
Physical Therapy or Performance Training Initial Session: $90 (1 hour)
Physical Therapy or Performance Training Follow-up Session: $75 (45 minutes)

Package deals for Follow-Up Sessions:
Single visit $75
3 visits for $216 ($72/visit)
6 visits for $420 ($70/visit)
12 visits for $816 ($68/visit)
NOTE: Packages must be used within a year after purchase

Pricing for Cup Therapy
Cup Therapy (only) initial session: $75 (30 minutes)
Cup Therapy (only) follow-up sessions: $60 (30 minutes)

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Success Stories

“I am a runner and had been suffering for over 8 months from plantar fasciitis. I tried to do all the remedies and suggestions I could find on the internet, but nothing worked. I eventually found my way to Ashley where she had me start doing several exercises that were specifically intended for what I needed. Besides that, she spent each of our hour long sessions talking with me about my progress and doing her own physical therapy on my foot and leg. It was exactly what I needed and within a couple of months I was back out running. I am extremely grateful for her work and caring attention I received all through my visits with her. I strongly recommend Ashley to anyone with this kind of injury.” -Meghan Black

“I was referred to Ashley for physical therapy when I fractured by fibula from a fall due to a dip in the road. I’d consider myself physically active as I enjoy running, spinning, hiking, golf and yoga …. due to my injury, I wasn’t able to do the activities I counted on to make me feel my best physically and mentally…. I needed a full recovery of my ankle to get back to normal. My fear of reinjury had me watching every step I took and keeping my eyes glued to the ground

At my first visit, I was very tentative and putting little weight on my injured leg… after examination, Ashley confirmed I was ready to build my strength back and she was confident I’d be back to all my activities in about 6 weeks if I followed her directions. She started me with gradual [yet challenging] exercises and increased the intensity as I gained confidence… alway with kindness and encouragement.

Ashley’s goal for me was to build my self-trust back up … that by focusing on building a strong core, I’d be able to balance myself on any terrain and wouldn’t need to spend my life looking down at every step I took… I’m so grateful that her coaching, therapy and gentle pushing as enabled me to do all the things I love… with my eyes on the horizon! Thanks Ashley!” -Jodie Monson

Ashley Labore helped me resolve a years-long shoulder mobility issue in about 6 weeks (3 visits and a regimen of 10 minutes of daily exercises). She’s cheerful, extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, and a joy to work with. I also took a group class that she taught, and somehow the way she shared tips has stuck and helped me with posture. Ashley’s emphasis on life-long health helped me think about what I can do now to preserve strength and flexibility. She teaches while she treats. Excellent value and worth the 25-minute drive! – Joyce Lasecke