200 Hour Teacher Training & Yoga Study

Pure Yoga is offering a yoga teacher training program unlike any other in the Twin Cities. Led by Master Healer/E-RYT 200 & Founder of Pure Yoga, Suzy Schaak, this program interweaves her understanding of intuitive healing with a strong experiential anatomy/physiology program. With its unique incorporation of energy healing work, our training is designed so that students walk away with an incredible understanding of how the physical and energetic bodies work together to create optimal wellness.

Next Yoga Teacher Training Starts Fall 2019

As graduates, our students will walk away with the confidence to sequence, theme and teach their own yoga class! One of the best ways to learn these skills is practice. Therefore, we will have all the teachers in training experience the planning process of our Karma Yoga Project, an event that our Pure Yoga community loves!

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Address: 105 New England Pl, Ste 130 Stillwater, Minnesota 55082
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“This training was so powerful. The asana practice which began each session was the perfect preparation for the guided meditations. Suzy’s gentle and sure guidance allowed me to experience my own life force in a way that was very real. This changed my life in the best possible way.”

“I came into this training with the intention of using it to help others and I walked away realizing how much it profoundly changed my own life.” – JH

“I just loved it! It was really the best training I’ve ever gone to! Can’t say enough about how good it was!” – Micki

“Suzy has such an amazing ability to connect with her students. I felt safe and willing to try things that are very much out of my comfort zone. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Suzy, take it!” -TJ

“Teacher training at Pure Yoga is a comprehensive and holistic program. In addition to yoga postures, sequence, and anatomy, students learn how to bring the best of themselves to their teaching and are guided with love and encouragement throughout the process. I will cherish the experience I had with my instructors and fellow students.”-Tara

“I endorse this training wholeheartedly. Suzy is amazing and she brings in wonderful, talented speakers and instructors to supplement the great work she is already providing.” In gratitude, Pam

“I signed up as soon as I could fit it into my schedule. The course was amazing! I learned so much! I love the small class size and the community feel. The coursework, Suzy and my classmates were blessings in my life and I am so grateful for this experience.” -Stephani Busek